The three cuddle cocoons at the top of the Sunshine Slope are out of service for improvements. Updates on their return will follow!

Resources for parents, educators and business

The Autism Nature Trail is designed to provide an environment with endless potential for learning and growing. To help realize that potential, The ANT partners with Camp Puzzle Peace to bring programs to the trail.

Video: Visit before a Visit

This video provides families and visitors with an opportunity to visit the Trail through video before visiting in person. Visual experiences can be very helpful in preparing for successful experiences on the Trail.

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ANT Picture Schedule

A picture schedule is a wonderful way to help individuals to see what they will be doing in a specific order. It also helps to provide a feeling of accomplishment during the hike.

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Social Story: I Can Go Hiking

A social story is a great tool to help teach individuals about what to expect at a given location or doing a specific activity. Please use this social story to help support your visit and make it a positive experience.

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Social Story: I Can Hike The ANT

This social story is set on The ANT, and lets readers know what to expect at each activity station on the Trail. It will help support a positive visit experience.

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ANT Guidebook by Skott Jones, Ph. D, CCC-SLP

A guide to facilitating language on the Autism Nature Trail for caregivers.

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ANT Body Movement Guide by Keirsten Shaffer, NYS-LMT, CPT

A guide to aid visitors in exploring the magic of movement, with suggested body positions and sensory inputs to consider.

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